Last updated on January 28th, 2022

The Belimedo Marketing Policy is designed to help you better understand the framework and selected details of our marketing activities.


In plain words and for avoidance of any doubt, our marketing activities are in our sole discretion. The same way we alone may decide from time to time to embark on a marketing campaign in whatever the form or engage in a marketing activity of any type, we - BELIMEDO OÜ - reserve the right to withdraw from any and all activities at any time without reason or advance notice whatever the circumstances. Our business is ours and ours alone and that pretty much sums it up. Now you know.


In our marketing efforts, we may from time to time of our own volition decide to give away certain marketing goods to interested parties, i.e. our fans, e.g. you. Since such goods always come in very small numbers (e.g. 1, 2 and definitely low single digits, yeah very few, it’s pretty rough and tough out there and it’s called life, phew) it is important for everyone to understand it is our sole discretion as to who shall be recipients of such giveaways, if in fact there are any in the end. In no manner shall such an act of giving away any good - whatever its nature or value - create any obligation for us to continue giving or having to give to any other subject in particular. In layman terms, we may give something little to Pilar, but that doesn’t mean we need give anything to Joe nor can he make us.


In giving goods away we may decide to animate fans and invite everyone to a draw. Should that be the case, we may enable some sort of digital registration of interest. That basically means getting people interested in participation to tell us so by submitting a duly completed form. Therefore participants should take notice that they may be asked to provide some contact details.

Now - and this is very important - albeit we appreciate all players and fans, we feel minors would do best by awaiting their turn. Yes, that’s how we feel. Sorry there. And once you are over the invisible yet divisible line, welcome. Nevertheless, in this day and age we understand many might not heed our advice, since the giveaways are way too cool and kids can be total hackers. Hence we most politely ask distinguished people who are not yet of legal age to consult and seek approval from their parents, guardians or tutors before participating. In order to avoid ambiguities, depending on the situation, we may finally not be in position to conclude whatever we had in mind of doing, because of counterparty’s fitness or lack thereof.

Although we genuinely couldn’t care less about getting your personal details, we might have to get and store your limited information in relation to a draw. For example, this could be an e-mail address, so we have somewhere to contact you, in case you are up for a giveaway. Such an e-mail address or a similar piece of information would be stored in a secure digital location. Secure; we are not saying more. You know, the less is out, the better. And of course, importantly, any such information passed from you to us of your own accord would be used only for the intended purpose (i.e. no sharing) and irrevocably erased once it’s served its purpose. In simple words, if we are to receive contact details on the grounds of an upcoming draw, once the draw is done and giveaways on their way, the details are gone, for good. Erased.

In case we need to contact you, we shall make use of your contact details. However, it is important to understand we may fail in our attempt to reach you. Typically - in case of an e-mail address - we would send out several e-mails over a couple of days. Should we eventually in fact fail to reach you within a normal timeframe, which would be something like up to a full week (i.e. 7 days, work and off-work days included), we would withdraw from the transaction. It is important for you to understand such parting would be terminal and we would not be obliged to further transact with you for whatever the reason regardless of the fact whether you replied to us 5 days or 5 minutes later.


BELIMEDO OÜ reserves the rights (1) to alter the list of pre-approved parties at any time, (2) to decline to transact further with any party for any reason whatsoever and (3) stop the entire process altogether, whatever the situation and circumstances.

How to Contact Us

If you have general questions or concerns about the Belimedo services (such as game-related issues, trouble accessing your BPA, bugs, other technical problems, content or entitlement issues), please contact our Support team.